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category: Shopping

Aldi offers

rijkerleven.comAldi offers come each year almost at the same time. To keep track on this, the Belgian Aldi-archive went online in December 2002. To know, when which offer comes, visit this Internet site.

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Buy basic products

rijkerleven.comThe most basic products are almost without exception cheaper than packaged combination products. Buy fresh meat, potatoes and vegetables rather than buy an all-in-one kit. Cooking with ...

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Pricing errors

rijkerleven.comWatch the items ring up and check your bills. Stores make pricing errors. If you spot one, be sure to point it out (be polite) and most cashiers will correct it. If not, ask for a manager ...

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Season products

rijkerleven.comBuy fresh season products. Prices are lowest for fruits and vegetables when these are in season.

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Eat before grocery shopping

rijkerleven.comNever go the supermarket when you are hungry. If you are hungry, everything looks delicious and it's easy to load up a cart with much more than you need. So, eat before you are going grocery shopping.

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Shopping list

rijkerleven.comStick to a shopping list. Make the list at home before you go to the supermarket. Avoid impulse purchases, because these things you mostly do not really need.

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Low price supermarket

rijkerleven.comThe most supermarket chains don't seem to be price-competitive. You can save hundreds of US dollars / Euro's a year by shopping at the lower priced supermarkets. Convenience supermarkets ...

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