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Why these savingtips / this website?

On this website we like to give you some possibilities on saving money. Wouldn't it be nice to do the same with less money, or just do more with the same amount of money! And if you save on for example electricity or gas, you also save the environment. That's what we offer in a simple and easily navigated way.

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Aldi offers

RIJKERLEVEN.comAldi offers come each year almost at the same time. To keep track on this, the Belgian Aldi-archive went online in December 2002. To know, when which offer comes, visit this Internet site.

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Continue drying

RIJKERLEVEN.comDry (if possible) more than one load of laundry in a row. The dryer retains some heat after each use. With the next run, you re-use this heat and save so electricity.

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Holiday job

RIJKERLEVEN.comDuring holidays or the summertime, there are several fun, part-time jobs that could be a fun way to make some extra cash for your savings account. Become for example a travelguide, fitnesstrainer ...

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Left foot resting on the brake pedal

RIJKERLEVEN.comSome motorists drive with their left foot resting on the brake pedal, a habit that increases fuel consumption and wears out the brakes prematurely. It can also be dangerous because it ...

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Buy a season ahead

RIJKERLEVEN.comBuy next year's winter clothes at the end of this season and save. The styles offen change not that much, but you will pocket a big difference in the price.

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Dishwasher away from fridge

RIJKERLEVEN.comInstall your dishwasher away from your refrigerator. The dishwasher's heat and moisture make the fridge work harder. If you have to put them next to each other, a sheet of foam insulation ...

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Delete wrinkles by showering

RIJKERLEVEN.comHang clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The steam often smoothes wrinkles.

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Require no ironing

RIJKERLEVEN.comRemove your clothing promptly from the dryer and hang carefully. Many items will require no ironing.

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White wall

RIJKERLEVEN.comA white wall reflects 80 percent of the light that hits it; a black one just 10 percent. The more light the walls reflect, the greater the chance the light can be "recycled" by striking ...

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